Permaculture farm Gatton QueenslaND

We use only organic products

this includes  many types of microorganisms , good bugs to attack bad bugs, biochar and other natural products such as neem , companion planting , compost etc.

You will find this information here


we have a variety of food forests and market gardens as well as bushtucker pockets and herbal spirals

and from these we have learnt much

any information we have learnt we will share on this page.

Echoes in the valley

                         Permaculture Farm Gatton Queensland

It's been our honour over the past 3 years to design some of the most breathtaking,

ecologically-friendly landscaped spaces that you'll ever see--here

or anywhere else. Enjoy.


vegetables weight p/f or organic price

Beetroot bunch pesticie/free $3.50
Cabbage head p/f
Cauliflower heaD p/f
Cherry tomatoes 250gram p/f $3.00
Celery bunch organic

Garlic clove organic

Ginger 1kg organic
Beans (green)

Corn cob p/f
Cucumber 250gm

Kale Bunch p/f
lemons each organic $1.20
Limes each organic $1.20
Carrots 250g organic

Capsicum 250g

Onions,red 250g p/f

Onions,white 250g p/f

Lettuce each p/f
Broccoli each p/f
Potatoes 250g organic/p/

Button squash

Zucchini 250g


Avocadoes each organic/p/f
Pumpkins each heritage /organic
qld blue each organic
butternut each organic
jarrahdale each organic

Silver beet Bunch p/f
Shallots Bunch p/f
Spring onuions Bunch
Sweet potato each p/f

Leeks each

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