Permaculture farm Gatton QueenslaND

June 2015 Now the rain has filled the dams we are able to build up the gardens. Especially now we ve fixed the irrigation

March 2015 All the rain we have had here has given us an abundance of mulch to finish our HUGELKULTURE beds and are ready to plant

December 30th


We have been collecting and bottling for 6 months now so thought we would put up a little bit of our collection of preserves


Bottled beetroot, olives, waxed jambu in syrup and banana icecream

3rd December 2015


Excitement is abundant as we plan to set up aquaculture tanks with growing beds.

Shame some present people at the farm are nt excited as us but looks like we are making up the excitement.

We are presently making bio char and loving it.

Great in soil , as it adds carbon to the soil and helps microbes to find home in the soil thus adding to the soil life.

December 21st

Another year nearly here and the dams are brimming with water that should last us through any drought. We now have 5 full dams.



May 21st 2015- We now have an abundance of vegetables so we don't have to worry about food at the moment.


We ve also set up a new shade house with aquaponics system almost underway.