Permaculture farm Gatton QueenslaND

May 21st 2015- 2016

Present produce for sale

Free range eggs




cherry tomatoes

Lemon grass teas, Olive leaf teas,

Guave leaf teas


spring onions



We have Biochar available. Both raw and value added with NPK.

It is a great product for adding carbon to your soil as well as retaining moisture and fertiliser.

It assists in plant root growth as well as plant growth .

Use 1 litre per square metre to your soil or in your pots for strengthening seedlings.

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is not just organic but chemical free and grown with love for the environment

We have taken every effort to grow our produce symbiotically with love and thought to all that is a part of the farm and its environment.

We always have different produce available depending on the climate and the season.

So keep an eye on our page for details.