Permaculture farm Gatton QueenslaND

Here is a swale poem I wrote in 2012 when I was studying my PDC with Tom kendall at Sunshine Coast permaculture farm.

This is the poem of swales in fields

that makes our food a higher yield

So come and join us in our plight

to spread the word and give all light


So come bring back paradise

cause we are going to save the world

one swale at a time

and bring back seasons humus and rhyme


A swale snakes sleepily by

by bringing water to the dry

to areas and makes them lush

growing plants in a big big rush

So make the opportunity to celebrate

our new lush yielding fate


Cause the old ways don't work

the answer is not in money but in the dirt

lets take a different approach

we need to change our way of living

one swale at a time

so lets stop talking and start digging

one swale at a time

and bring back seasons, humus and rhyme

one swale at a time