Permaculture farm Gatton QueenslaND

This is the back view of the accommodation area

WWoofers rules

Sadly we have had to place group agreements and rules over a period of time to make the team work more harmoniously.

Rule 1. No harming the wildlife, our wildlife is harmless if you do not provoke it or threaten it,

Rule 2.No drugs, alcohol allowed on the property.

Smokers must not throw their cigarettes around as we are fed up with picking them up.

Rule 3. Please keep your accomodation tidy by using a roster system and doing it on your own time.

Rule 4. It is a good idea to wear a hat and shirt as well as shoes .

Rule 5. Please advise someone if you are going walking alone.

Rule 6. If you have a problem please advise the person in charge discreetly.

RULE 7. Do not use mechanical equipment without prior discussion with someone in charge.

Rule 8. Please use water wisely as we are in a very dry area with minimal rainfall.

This is also important for our solar use , as we only rely on solar thus it has to be used wisely . This means no hairdryers, electric shaver, electric kettles etc.